The Curse

Well, with all the good things also comes the worst things. I was the only reason why worse things came. As I told  in the earlier post that girl was something very special happened to me even though she is not talking to me right now but my feelings are the same in fact, it […]

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The Bliss

After few days I fell for her, I told her and it was way too early to tell her. I became so overwhelmed by feelings I never felt this way for anyone and I don’t think I will ever. Anyways, I told her and asked her to date me well she said no but we […]

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The Best

In earlier post I talked about detachment which was a bliss I thought it would remain that way. But, when I started my masters I met the most amazing person in this world. I thought that I would remain detached only. She came and talked to me on first day of our orientation I found […]

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The Detachment

All the voices stopped suddenly, as soon as the voices stopped I became detached to everyone and everything. People really didn’t effect me anymore no matter what they do. It was a very good feeling. I even got detached with my family. Detachment doesn’t mean that you stop loving them or anything its just learning […]

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The Voices (2)

Well, weeks passed after I heard that voice in my head nothing happened again for a while. I thought the voices won’t come again but, suddenly one day same thing happened to me I did my meditation as I usually do at night before sleeping. I woke up at night nearly about three or four […]

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The Voices (1)

So, after my headaches were gone and I became habitual to the sensitivity of light and sound, then something happened one day at night. I was practicing my regular meditation routine at night before sleep I usually meditate at that time only. One day when I finished my meditation and slept I suddenly woke up […]

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My First Experience

Weeks passed when I started meditation to open my third eye. I did adequate research before starting it. I read somewhere a article which said that opening third eye in a very dangerous process, I was at that time what stupid thing is this. It also said that you can do dimension travels , OBE […]

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